Joseph Henry Vogel

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In the 250 years since the Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus first started classifying organisms, taxonomists have formally described roughly 1.7 million species. Although seemingly large, this number represents only a small fraction of the estimated tens of millions of species on the planet. Moreover, human activities are causing the extinction of species(More)
A novel rotary microfiltration technique specifically suited for the separation of animal cells has been developed. The concept allows the independent adjustment of wall shear stress, transmembrane pressure, and residence time, allowing straightforward optimization of the microfiltration process. By using a smooth, conically shaped rotor, it is possible to(More)
Economics is defined so broadly in the textbooks * that an economist would not be outside the profession's domain to answer the two main policy questions of this conference: 1. how should the benefits of biotechnology be shared with providers of genetic resources and/or associated knowledge (commonly known as access and benefit-sharing, ABS)? 2. how should(More)
There are many ways to read a book, some of which are unwanted. Stephen A. Marglin anticipates that The Dismal Science (2008) may lend itself to an evolutionary reading and he discourages any such attempt. " I would strongly caution against putting too much faith in any assumption about human nature. What we know about human nature relative to the claims(More)
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