Joseph H. Silverman

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A new authentication and digital signature scheme called the NTRU Signature Scheme (NSS) is introduced. NSS provides an authentication/signature method complementary to the NTRU public key cryptosystem. The hard lattice problem underlying NSS is similar to the hard problem underlying NTRU, and NSS similarly features high speed, low footprint, and easy key(More)
In this note we describe a variety of methods that may be used to increase the speed and efficiency of the NTRU public key cryptosystem. 1991 Mathematics Subject Classification: 94A60, 11T71. 1. An Overview of NTRU The NTRU Public Key Cryptosystem is based on ring theory and relies for its security on the difficulty of solving certain lattice problems. In(More)
The field of dynamical systems traces its roots to Poincaré’s qualitative study of solutions to differential equations in the late nineteenth century. The subfield of complex dynamics, which was initiated by Fatou and Julia in the late 1910s but which did not draw substantial attention until the 1980s, focuses mainly on the iteration of rational functions.(More)
The increasing connectivity o ered by constrained computing devices signals a vital need for public-key cryptography in such environments. By their nature, however, public-key systems have been diÆcult to implement in systems with limited computational power. The NTRU public-key cryptosystem addresses this problem by o ering tremendous performance(More)