Joseph H. Kim

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This paper deals with fault detection and classification as a part of our on-going research in the integrated design of reconfigurable control systems. The objective of reconfigurable control is to provide fault-tolerant control in an uncertain or changing environment. This will be accomplished by detecting changes in the current operation of the system(More)
This paper introduces RadioBOT, a flexible system of mobile robots for acquisition of radio frequency data. The motivation for such a test system is described, namely the difficulty in acquiring real world data for the purpose of spatial cognitive radio (CR) research. Some current areas of CR research are presented for which RadioBOT can gather data. We(More)
This paper extends our prior work in node localization and tracking when using both range measurements and odometry data. In our approach both types of distance data are combined using multidimensional scaling, a well known method of producing sets of estimated coordinates from measured `dissimilarity' values. In this extension, knowledge of the entire data(More)
Global pressure to use spectrum more efficiently has sparked a great deal of research to mitigate spectral and spatial congestion between radar and radio systems operating in a shared spectrum access environment. This paper summarizes an algorithmic method of interference cancellation that enables the radar and radio to operate with reduced spatial and(More)
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