Joseph H Introcaso

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We report four cases (two children, two adults) of congenital arteriovenous fistula supplied by a single large (pterygoid) branch of the second part of the maxillary artery deep to the parotid gland and mandible, with emphasis on the angiographic findings, therapeutic implications, and cause, with a review of the literature. Awareness of a predilection of(More)
Treatment of diseases involving the head and neck is most challenging because of the high density of vital structures in this region, the need to preserve function, and aesthetic requirements. Technical advances in needles, catheters, guide wires, and embolic materials have broadened the scope of interventional neuroradiologic procedures. Endovascular(More)
We report the unusual case of a woman with a saccular aneurysm of the distal cervical internal carotid artery arising just distal to a kink and a 360 degrees redundant loop. The retromandibular position of the aneurysm would have mandated a complex surgical procedure. A purely endovascular approach was not possible owing to the difficulty to pass any kind(More)
The scope of musculoskeletal ultrasonography has broadened considerably since its inception. Ultrasonography has established itself as a reliable cost-effective modality for the diagnosis and follow-up of a wide variety of lesions. Its real-time dynamic capability adds a perspective that other modalities lack. Growth within this field will continue, driven(More)
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