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We present coincidence momentum measurements that contradict the independent electron assumption for elliptically polarized laser pulses. This shows that recollision is not the only reason for electron correlation in strong field double ionization.
Cum Laudc with a B.A. degree in Physics. University of Rochester as a graduate student in the department of Physics and Astronomy where he was the recipient of a three year Rush Rhees fellowship. His research work was performed at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics under the supervision of David D. Meyerhofer. "Suppression of the Pedestal in a(More)
PUBLICATIONS "Observation of the transition fiom Thomson to Compton scattering in multiphoton interactions with low-energy electrons", C. "Confinement of electrons to the centre of a laser focus via the ponderomotive potential," C. Physik 48, 87-96 (1 991). "Angular distribution of high-order harmonics generated in the tunneling regime", "Spatial(More)
Atmospheric turbulence generally affects the resolution and visibility of an image in long-distance imaging. In a recent quantum ghost imaging experiment [P. B. Dixon et al., Phys. Rev. A 83, 051803 (2011)], it was found that the effect of the turbulence can nevertheless be mitigated under certain conditions. This paper gives a detailed theoretical analysis(More)