Joseph H. Battocletti

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Pulsed magnetic field (PMF) stimulation was applied to mammalian neurons in vitro to influence axonal growth and to determine whether induced current would direct and enhance neurite growth in the direction of the current. Two coils were constructed from individual sheets of copper folded into a square coil. Each coil was placed in a separate water-jacketed(More)
The current status of blood flow measurement using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) techniques is reviewed. This includes both the continuous-wave method developed at the Medical College of Wisconsin and the Veterans Administration Medical Center and various pulsed methods, particularly those used in NMR Imagers. This is preceded by a brief review of the(More)
The mineral content of stationary bone samples can be quantified by 31P nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. The assay can be performed in regions of the anatomy that pose problems for absorptiometric techniques, because the mineral content is measured within a selected volume without concern for the geometry of the bone. In vivo 31P NMR spectra(More)
The mineral content of bone can be quantified by recording a 31P NMR spectrum while the bone is stationary. The quantity of mineral in the bone is determined from the spectrum with a reference standard by comparison of relative peak areas. The phosphate of bone mineral is readily distinguished from inorganic phosphate and phosphorylated metabolites(More)
The force needed to fracture individual human thoracic and lumbar vertebral bodies is compared with the mass and density of apatite. 31P NMR spectrometry was used to quantify the apatite, because it permits the mineral content of bone to be determined noninvasively with minimal nonspecific interference from the organic matrix or from variations in(More)
STUDY DESIGN Animal model study of eight healthy commercial cats was conducted. OBJECTIVE To determine whether pulsed electromagnetic field (PMF) stimulation results in improvement of function after contusive spinal cord injury in cats. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA PMF stimulation has been shown to enhance nerve growth, regeneration, and functional(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the force-deformation characteristics of football helmets subjected to compressive loading on the crown surface. Tests were conducted at quasi-static and dynamic rates of loading. Energies were computed from the force-deformation data. The padding systems represented by the helmets differed in their ability to absorb(More)