Joseph H. Battocletti

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Pulsed magnetic field (PMF) stimulation was applied to mammalian neurons in vitro to influence axonal growth and to determine whether induced current would direct and enhance neurite growth in the direction of the current. Two coils were constructed from individual sheets of copper folded into a square coil. Each coil was placed in a separate water-jacketed(More)
STUDY DESIGN Animal model study of eight healthy commercial cats was conducted. OBJECTIVE To determine whether pulsed electromagnetic field (PMF) stimulation results in improvement of function after contusive spinal cord injury in cats. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA PMF stimulation has been shown to enhance nerve growth, regeneration, and functional(More)
An alternative coil system to the Helmoholtz coil-pair is described for the stimulation of biological tissue and cells: a relatively large box coil made of copper or aluminum sheet stock. The design is based on the principal determinant of the induced electric field, namely, the magnetic vector potential (A), in the equation, [formula: see text]. The second(More)
Esophageal conductance measurements were correlated with hemodynamic events in 9 dogs chronically instrumented for measurement of left ventricular (LV) and aortic pressures, LV short axis and descending aortic diameters, and aortic blood flow. A four-electrode conductance catheter was positioned in the esophagus. Both an internal and an internal/external(More)
We have previously shown that neurite outgrowth from 6-day chick embryo dorsal root ganglia (DRG) in vitro was stimulated when nerve growth factor (NGF) and pulsed magnetic fields (PMF) are used in combination. 392 DRGs were studied in a field excited by a commercial PMF generator. We have now analyzed an additional 416 DRGs exposed to very similar PMF's(More)
Time-varying magnetic fields induce currents in conductive media, and when the induced current is large enough in excitable tissue, stimulation occurs. This phenomenon has been applied to the human brain and peripheral nerves for diagnostic evaluation of the neural system. One important aspect that is presently unknown is the current level necessary in(More)
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