Joseph Gerhardt

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Neutron and 60 Co gamma irradiated silicon detectors have been investigated using time resolved current transients (TCT) induced by nanosecond laser pulses. Measurements were performed as function of operating temperature (100 K-300 K) and bias voltage. Illumination was done on both the juntion and ohmic side, allowing the investigation of the free charge(More)
The first in a series of short films by Semiconductor, where cities are made of and controlled by sound. In this episode, every detail of an urban landscape is built by the sonic pressures of an oncoming electrical storm. The very fabric of this isolated world is defined by the noises and frequencies that surround a space in another aural dimension.(More)
For "200 Nanowebbers", Semiconductor created a molecular web generated by Double Adaptor's live soundtrack. Using custom-made scripting, the melodies and rhythms spawn a nano-scale environment that shifts and contorts to the audio's resonances. Layers of energetic hand-drawn animations play over the simplest of vector shapes that form atomicscale(More)
A novel strategy for solid-phase synthesis of hydantoins with high optical purity is described using a thermal pH-neutral cyclization and simultaneous release from resin. Hereby even hydantoins bearing a pH-sensitive side chain (protection) are available. The reaction conditions are well screened applying the parallel organic synthesizer APOS 1200.
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