Joseph Gakonyo

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BACKGROUND Inter-foraminal implant placement poses a risk to the sublingual artery as it enters the mandibular midline lingual foramen. Lack of consensus on the source of this artery poses a dilemma to surgeons during management of haemorrhagic episodes. Determination of the exact source of this artery is therefore pivotal. METHODS This was a(More)
BACKGROUND Needle stick injuries (NSI) are the commonest route by which blood borne viruses and/or infections such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C are transmitted from patients to health care workers (HCW). Dental students are also at risk of such infections and injuries due to accidental contamination during their practical occupational exposure. There is hardly(More)
BACKGROUND The tendency to selectively report "significant" statistical results (file-drawers effect) or run selective analyses to achieve "significant" results (data-dredging) has been observed in many scientific fields. Subsequently, statistically significant findings may be due to selective reporting rather than a true effect. The p-curve, a distribution(More)
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