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Autocratic Breakdown and Regime Transitions: A New Data Set
When the leader of an autocratic regime loses power, one of three things happens. The incumbent leadership group is replaced by democratically elected leaders. Someone from the incumbent leadership
Do Authoritarian Institutions Constrain? How Legislatures Affect Economic Growth and Investment
This article explores why authoritarian regimes create legislatures and then assesses their effect on economic growth and investment. In authoritarian regimes more dependent on domestic investment
How Dictatorships Work: Power, Personalization, and Collapse
This accessible volume shines a light on how autocracy really works by providing basic facts about how post-World War II dictatorships achieve, retain, and lose power. The authors present an
To Invest or Insure?
In this article, the author argues that the time horizon a dictator faces affects his incentives over the use of aid in three ways. First, dictators have a greater incentive to invest in public goods
Dealing with Tyranny: International Sanctions and the Survival of Authoritarian Rulers
This paper examines whether economic sanctions destabilize authoritarian rulers. We argue that the effect of sanctions is mediated by the type of authoritarian regime against which sanctions are
Terrorism and the Fate of Dictators
The authors study the influence of domestic political dissent and violence on incumbent dictators and their regimes. They argue that elite with an interest in preserving the regime hold dictators
Gauging Growth: How to Judge No Child Left Behind?
Focusing on the performance of fourth graders, where gains have been strongest since the early 1970s, the authors find that earlier test score growth has largely faded since enactment of NCLB in 2002 and gains in math achievement have persisted in the post-NCLB period.
Are coups good for democracy?
A number of recent studies argue that coups can help usher in democracy. We examine this relationship empirically by looking at the political regimes that follow coups in autocracies, as well as the
Authoritarian Institutions and Regime Survival: Transitions to Democracy and Subsequent Autocracy
This article examines how authoritarian parties and legislatures affect regime survival. While authoritarian legislatures increase the stability of dictators, political parties – even when devised to