Joseph G. Szmerekovsky

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Although uncertainty is rife in many project management contexts, little is known about adaptively optimizing project schedules. We formulate the problem of adaptively optimizing the expected present value of a project’s cash flow, and we show that it is practical to perform the optimization. The formulation includes randomness in activity durations, costs,(More)
As competition intensifies within the health care industry, patient satisfaction and service quality are providing the evidentiary basis for patient outcomes. We propose a conceptual model of three interrelated areas, service, health outcomes, and resource stewardship, all affected by the clinician-patient relationship. Our model considers the perspectives(More)
Efficient Supply Chain Management is the key to a successful business. The decision to deploy a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solution is a business decision. Through RFID, enterprises hope that they improve their performance and gain competitive advantage. Deciding to deploy an RFID system demands business planning, as it needs significant(More)
We investigate whether it is possible for the manufacturer as well as the retailer to derive economic benefits from item-level RFID. We consider a particular model of shelf-space and pricedependent retail demand and two configurations of the supply chain. In both instances the interaction between the supplier and the retailer is via a wholesale price(More)
In an evolving community consisting of many individuals, it is often the case that the individuals tend, over time, to become more specialized in performing the tasks necessary for survival and growth of the community as a whole. In this work, linear and nonlinear mathematical models are presented for providing insights as to when and why this functional(More)
This paper analyzes the routing of agricultural freight from the fields to the elevators. A number of optimization models are built to analyze the effects of truck type restrictions in the truck mix on the overall system cost of delivering from fields to elevators. The models account for both the selection of truck type and load type for deliveries while(More)