Joseph G. Szmerekovsky

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In recent decades, the project scheduling practices known as Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) have been successful in industrial applications, yet remain a subject of disagreement among scholars and sporadically taught in business schools. The purpose of this paper is to assess what aspects of CCPM are appropriate in operations courses, whether(More)
As competition intensifies within the health care industry, patient satisfaction and service quality are providing the evidentiary basis for patient outcomes. We propose a conceptual model of three interrelated areas, service, health outcomes, and resource stewardship, all affected by the clinician-patient relationship. Our model considers the perspectives(More)
In an evolving community consisting of many individuals, it is often the case that the individuals tend, over time, to become more specialized in performing the tasks necessary for survival and growth of the community as a whole. In this work, linear and nonlinear mathematical models are presented for providing insights as to when and why this functional(More)