Joseph G. Pigeon

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Hypertension has been suspected of being associated with Alzheimer disease (AD). To study this problem, a case-control study investigating the association between hypertension and cognitive decline was conducted as a secondary analysis of data from more than 700 patients diagnosed with AD who had been randomly assigned to the placebo arm of a clinical(More)
A new clinical index of dyspnea and fatigue has been applied to rate the condition of patients with congestive heart failure. The index has 3 components, each rated on a scale from 0 to 4, for the magnitude of the task that evokes dyspnea or fatigue, the magnitude of the pace (or effort) with which the task is performed and the associated functional(More)
The objective of this study was to measure the self-reported effect of acute migraine and its treatment on paid work and productivity loss. Patients self-administered a questionnaire in which the impact of a recent migraine on paid work and productivity activities was assessed. We included the questionnaire in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled,(More)
Recent papers examining the expected persistence of anti-hepatitis A virus antibody following vaccination with inactivated hepatitis A vaccine have estimated that geometric mean antibody levels will remain above cut-off levels for 10-30 years. However, the methodology used in these papers did not take into account any estimates of variability between(More)
Transferring manual ELISAs to automated platforms requires optimizing the assays for each particular robotic platform. These optimization experiments are often time consuming and difficult to perform using a traditional one-factor-at-a-time strategy. In this manuscript we describe the development of an automated process using statistical design of(More)
OBJECTIVE To document skin changes in the nipple during the 1st week of breastfeeding and to explore the relationship of such changes to pain. DESIGN Longitudinal descriptive study. Subjects were visited four times during the 1st week of breastfeeding. SAMPLE Convenience sample of 20 Caucasian women. SETTING Hospital and home. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES(More)
PURPOSE To compare the efficacy and safety of tafluprost, a preservative-free (PF) prostaglandin analogue, with PF timolol in patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension. DESIGN Randomized, double-masked, multicenter clinical trial. METHODS After discontinuation and washout of existing ocular hypotensive treatment, patients who had(More)
This study was designed to evaluate whether maintenance of a moist environment on the nipple skin during the first week of breast-feeding would improve damaged nipple skin condition, as indicated by the presence of eschar, erythema, and fissures, and reduce pain. Fifty White women applied a polyethylene film dressing with a perimeter adhesive system to a(More)