Joseph G. Cordaro

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The excited-state properties in a series of coumarin solar cell dyes are investigated with a long-range-corrected (LC) functional which asymptotically incorporates Hartree-Fock exchange. Using time-dependent density functional theory (TDDFT), we calculate excitation energies, oscillator strengths, and excited-state dipole moments in each of the dyes as a(More)
The chiral recognition phenomenon observed in enantioselective excited-state energy transfer processes currently requires the use of chiroptical spectroscopic techniques to probe the magnitude and sense of the discriminatory interactions. The use of chiroptical spectroscopic techniques limits the study of chiral recognition to those molecular species with(More)
Molten salts are being employed throughout the world as heat transfer fluids and phase change materials for concentrated solar power (CSP) production and storage. In order to design large production facilities, accurate physical and thermodynamic properties of molten salts must be known. Required data include a) melting point; b) viscosity; c) apparent heat(More)
Graphitic Structures by Design (GSD) is a novel technology for growing graphite in precise patterns from the nano to the macroscale, rapidly (>1 layer/sec), at low temperatures (ca. 500C), and in a single step using ordinary laboratory equipment. The GSD process consists of exposing particular metals (Ni, Pd, Pt, Co), which act as ‘templates’, to a fuel(More)
Conducting polymers consisting of conjugated heterocyclic chains are one of the most frequently studied classes of organic materials due to their highly conjugated π-bonding systems, chemical stability, and tunable electronic properties. Although therehas been significant progress in inorganic photovoltaicmaterials, much current research is now directed(More)
A synthesis of the bis(borano)hypophosphite anion with various counterions has been developed to make use of more benign and commercially available reagents. This method avoids the use of potentially dangerous reagents used by previous methods and gives the final products in good yield. Details of the crystal structure determination of the sodium salt in(More)