Joseph French

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The design, implementation, and performance of a low-cost, real-time DSP system for source location is discussed. The system consists of an 8-element electret microphone array connected to a SignalogicDSP daughterboard hosted by a PC. The system determines the location of a speaker in the audience in an irregularly shaped auditorium. The auditorium presents(More)
A “delayed swallowing reflex/response” (i.e., when the swallow reflex is not triggered when the bolus passes the back of the tongue at the anterior faucial arch) Logemann [8] has been widely accepted as an abnormality. Careful review of the literature supports the premise that a “delayed swallowing reflex/response” may in fact be a variation of normal. This(More)
Matched Filter Array (MFA) Processing has a distinct advantage over delay-sum beamforming for reverberant enclosures in that it is able to cohere significant reflected images in addition to the direct arrivals and is capable of spatial selectivity in three dimensions. However, previous study of this technique utilized a very large number of sensors, which(More)
Microphone arrays can be used for high-quality sound pick up in reverberant and noisy environments. The beamforming capabilities of microphone array systems allow highly directional sound capture, providing superior signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) when compared to single microphone performance. There are two aspects in microphone array system performance: The(More)
A complex of structurally related compounds that exhibit in vivo antileukemic activity was isolated from fermentation broths of a new streptomycete. The components of this complex are water soluble phosphate esters containing a conjugated triene system. The isolation and characterization of three of these components are described.
From a soil-screening program in our laboratories an organism belonging to the Nocardia genus was discovered which produces a novel, broad-spectrum antibiotic. This compound, which we have named myomycin, is an unusual member of the large family of water soluble, basic (WSB) antibiotics that are derivatives of cyclohexane polyols. Manyof these(More)