Joseph Fischl

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This study examines the relative importance of habitat and season in determining size and composition of foraging flocks of European Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris). We hypothesized that if season was the principal determinant of flock size, variation across seasons (within habitat) would be greater than variation across habitats (within season). The calendar(More)
CLASSIFICATION OF PORPHYRIAS has been elucidated by various authors (1-4). For diagnosis and follow-up of a clinical case it is necessary to identify and estimate the different porphyrin fractions and their precursors. u’ and c can be separated by solvent extraction because the former are sparingly soluble and the latter highly soluble in ether. PEG is(More)
HE QUANTITATIVE ESTIMATION of the urinary 17-ketosteroids in the routine laboratory still presents a number of problems. The most serious of these is the presence of nonketonic chronlogens in tile final extracts prepared by the usual extraction methods. Tile removal of these interfering substances by tile application of Girard’s reagent (1, 2) is not(More)