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Current treatment options for advanced pediatric and young adult bone sarcomas are limited. Although aggressive multimodality therapy can relieve pain, prolong the progression-free interval, and provide long-term relapse-free survival (and possible cure) in some patients, the likelihood of these outcomes is usually very low. New approaches and strategies(More)
An equivalent groups design with a treatment group of 19 patients and a control group of 20 patients was used to investigate the impact of massage therapy on patients' perceptions of post-operative pain. Data were analysed using analysis of covariance repeated measures (within subjects) design. Controlling for age, the results indicated that massage(More)
Hematuria is an important sign that indicates the presence of a pathologic condition in the genitourinary tract. Causes can be categorized by where in the urinary tract the problem is located--above the kidney, in the kidney or one of its structures, or below the kidney. Another category is false hematuria, such as urine that has been discolored by intake(More)
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