Joseph F. Wepfer

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In a review of 820 hysterosalpingograms, unilateral opacification of the mesonephric duct (Gartner's duct) was observed in five individuals. No associated anomalies of the genitourinary tract or definite evidence of pelvic inflammatory disease was found in any of these patients. The embryology of the genitourinary tract is discussed in some detail, and(More)
Seven cases of calcific tendinitis of the gluteus maximus tendon are presented. Awareness of the precise anatomic location of the calcific deposit is essential for the accurate diagnosis of this uncommon site of tendinitis. Clinically, the presenting complaint is that of pain. In some instances, however, the patients are asymptomatic and the calcification(More)
Fig. 1. A A lateral roentgenogram of the right elbow shows a prominent ossification center of the olecranon with incomplete fusion of this center to the ulnar shaft. B A lateral roentgenogram of the left elbow obtained at the same time shows that the ossification center of the olecranon has closed. C A lateral roentgenogram of the right elbow in a follow-up(More)
Fig. 1A and B. An anteroposterior roentgenogram of the right shoulder demonstrates an expansile, moderately well-demarcated lytic lesion involving the acromion process and the distal end of the right clavicle. No significant periosteal reaction is noted. On right subclavian arteriography the lesion is supplied mainly by acromia] and clavicular branches of(More)