Joseph F. Labuz

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This paper reports on the feasibility of locating microcracks using multiple-sensor measurements of the acoustic emissions (AEs) generated by crack inception and propagation. Microcrack localization has obvious application in non-destructive structural health monitoring. Experimental data was obtained by inducing the cracks in rock specimens during a(More)
The recent collapse of the I-35W bridge has highlighted the need for continual health monitoring of bridges. Currently, bridges are mainly inspected visually. The recent advances in wireless sensor networks, micromechanical sensors and acoustic emission (AE) processing techniques have opened new possibilities for monitoring of the health of bridges and the(More)
A three-dimensional computer graphic program has been developed to guide the surgeon through the resection of a brain tumor. It consists of a video camera mounted on a stereotactic frame which visualizes the operative field in real time. Superimposed on the video monitor is a computer generated model of the tumor or other resection target mass. The mass can(More)
A system has been devised to focus a video camera mounted on a CRW stereotactic frame onto the surgical field and to integrate the video picture with a computer-generated three-dimensional view of structures or targets deep within the brain. The surgical resection can then be done with the surgeon looking either at the composite picture on the(More)
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