Joseph F. Jensen

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A 10.24GSPS photonic sampled DeltaSigma modulator was implemented with HRL laboratories InP HBT process. The 12GHz analog input is sampled by a LiNbO<sub>3</sub> optical modulator with a 10.24GHz ultra-low jitter mode-locked laser. The intensity-modulated differential laser pulses are converted into electronic charges by on-chip GaInAs photo diodes and(More)
—Digital logic integrated circuits are advancing toward ever higher speeds of operation. Clock frequencies already exceed 1 GHz in some Si CMOS-based consumer products, and even higher speeds are attainable in specialized technologies, such as those based on GaAs, InP, and SiGe bipolar and field-effect transistors. Digital approaches may be used to carry(More)
In 2004 the European Commission and Member States initiated activities towards a harmonized approach for Human Biomonitoring surveys throughout Europe. The main objective was to sustain environmental health policy by building a coherent and sustainable framework and by increasing the comparability of data across countries. A pilot study to test common(More)
GaAs IC technology has matured to the point of fabrication of large-scale integrated circuits. It has definite potential in high-speed digital systems in the near and long term. G allium arsenide integrated circuit technology has advanced to the stage where small-scale integration (SSI) and medium-scale integration (MSI) circuits are available for(More)
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