Joseph F. Donoghue

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Study of marine sediment pore fluid pathways and porometry re-<lb>quires careful analysis of the fabric of ‘‘undisturbed’’ sediment samples. A<lb>novel solution to the preservation of the interstitial organic material and the in<lb>situ fabric or sedimentary structure is the application, with little modification,<lb>of well-established biological techniques(More)
22 In this paper the realized niche of the Snowy Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus), a 23 primarily resident Florida shorebird, is described as a function of the scenopoetic and 24 bionomic variables at the nest-, landscape-, and regional-scale. We identified some pos25 sible geomorphological controls that influence nest-site selection and survival using data(More)
Apalachicola Bay and St. George Sound contain the largest oyster fishery in Florida, and the growth and distribution of the numerous oyster reefs here are the combined product of modern estuarine conditions in the bay and its late Holocene evolution. Sidescan-sonar imagery, bathymetry, high-resolution seismic profiles, and sediment cores show that oyster(More)
The sea level history of the northern Gulf of Mexico during recent geologic time has closely followed global eustatic sea level change. Regional effects due to tectonics and glacio-isostasy have been minimal. Over the past several million years the northern Gulf coast, like most stable coastal regions of the globe, has experienced major swings of sea level(More)
Underwater geoarchaeological research in Apalachee Bay, in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico off northwest Florida, has enabled the reconstruction of portions of the karstcontrolled paleodrainage system, the discovery of several inundated prehistoric archaeological sites, and the exposure of sediments accumulated during the drowning of the continental shelf.(More)
A new method of standardizing metal concentrations in sediments was tested on samples from Lake Miccosukee, a large karstic lake in north Florida. Metal concentrations were analyzed in 222 sediment samples from 26 cores representing 9 sampling sites in the lake. Measured sedimentation rates in the lake are low. Percent organic matter strongly increases(More)
cal, and the other 2 statistical) to construct a sea-level curve which is as accurate as the data permit. First, we selected data for all regions of the northern Gulf of Mex-ico exhibiting crustal stability. This process yielded 353 radiocarbon-dated sea-level indicator data points. Second , we addressed the problem of identifying sea-level data outliers(More)
BACKGROUND Depression in older people is common and has a high mortality, but effective treatments exist. AIMS To describe drug prescribing in older community residents in relation to depression status. METHOD The MRC-ALPHA community cohort aged 65 and over were interviewed using the Geriatric Mental State examination drug data collected at index(More)