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Folding and Unfolding of Early Modern Galley Masts
Early modern Mediterranean galleys could fold down their entire rigging, consisting of a mainmast and a smaller fore mast, each carrying a large lateen sail on a long yardarm. The crew could lowerExpand
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Paddle Wheels for Sailing Men-of-War
In 1720 Monsieur du Quest, a French engineer, presented to the Royal Society a paper titled ‘A Method for Rowing Men of War in a Calm’ in which he proposed to install man-operated paddle wheels onExpand
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Tactics of Sixteenth-century Galley Artillery
The use of artillery in Mediterranean galley warfare was often perceived as being restricted to the firing of single salvos at very short range before ramming and boarding the enemy ship enabled theExpand
The Gun and Corsia of Early Modern Mediterranean Galleys: Design issues and rationales
An early modern Mediterranean galley carried its main piece of artillery on a wheelless mount inside the raised centreline gangway (the corsia). The gun mount stood on two well-lubricated rails thatExpand
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Folding of Galley Masts: Response to comments by Juan Pablo Olaberria
My article in The Mariner’s Mirror 100:2 discusses the folding and raising the masts of early modern galleys based on primary sources; it presents some technical problems associated with thoseExpand
Guglielmo’s Secret: The Enigma of the First Diving Bell Used in Underwater Archaeology
Abstract The earliest employment of a breathing apparatus in underwater archaeology took place in July 1535, when Guglielmo de Lorena and Francesco de Marchi explored a Roman vessel sunk in Lake NemiExpand
The Oar System of the Venetian Quinquereme
Abstract Hardly a book or article on early-modern naval matters fails to address the Venetian quinquereme built by Vettore Fausto in 1526–9. Yet the design of that ship and particularly the design ofExpand