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A comprehensive review of hip labral tears
The hip labrum has many functions, including shock absorption, joint lubrication, pressure distribution, and aiding in stability, with damage to the labrum associated with osteoarthritis. TheExpand
Structured Wii protocol for rehabilitation of shoulder impingement syndrome: A pilot study.
OBJECTIVE To determine the feasibility and efficacy of using a structured Nintendo Wii protocol to improve range of motion, strength, and quality of life in patients with shoulder impingementExpand
Rotator cuff tendonitis in lymphedema: a retrospective case series.
OBJECTIVES To report rotator cuff tendonitis as a complication of lymphedema and to discuss the possible etiology and treatment options. DESIGN Retrospective review of 8 cases. SETTING UniversityExpand
Essential sports medicine.
Chapter 1: Preparticipation Evaluation Jennifer Kurz, MD Joseph E. Herrera, DO Robert S. Gotlin, DO Chapter 2: Traumatic Brain Injury in Sports Danielle Marie Perret, MD Barry D. Jordan, MD, MPHExpand
Lower Back Injuries
Low back pain is a common, debilitating problem for athletes as well as the general population. It is the number one cause for athletes to miss a professional sporting event. Most cases of lower backExpand
Multisensory, Nature-Inspired Recharge Rooms Yield Short-Term Reductions in Perceived Stress Among Frontline Healthcare Workers
We are currently facing global healthcare crisis that has placed unprecedented stress on healthcare workers as a result of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). It is imperative that we developExpand
Ensuring equity for people living with disabilities in the age of COVID-19
Abstract People with disabilities are at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19. They may also suffer from lack of accessible emergency preparedness plans, communication and healthcare.Expand
Manual of Musculoskeletal Medicine
Neck Pain and Shooting Arm Pain Shoulder Pain Elbow Pain Wrist and Hand Pain Lower Back and Shooting Leg Pain Hip and Groin Pain Knee Pain Ankle and Foot Pain