Joseph E Norman

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This article examined the intervention fidelity strategies used and lessons learned in a translational study. In this study, the behavioral intervention was delivered within an existing clinical practice environment, outpatient cardiac rehabilitation (CR). The primary lessons learned were that the fidelity components of design, training, and delivery of the(More)
Assessment of left ventricular (LV) volumes and mass is a critical element in the evaluation of patients with cardiovascular disease. However, most non-invasive methods used for the quantitative measurements of LV volume and mass have important intrinsic limitations. Real-time 3-dimensional echocardiography (RT3D echo) is a new technique capable of(More)
Heritable platelet function disorders (HPFD) are a heterogeneous group of bleeding disorders with diverse clinical and laboratory characteristics. In contrast to the severe phenotype disorders, Glanzmann thrombasthenia and Bernard-Soulier syndrome, most nonsevere HPFD are incompletely characterized. This is a consequence of the poor standardization of(More)
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