Joseph E. Hoag

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Radio frequency identification is a wireless identification technology that relies on cheap tags that can be attached to objects and that nearby readers can track. The computer science and computer engineering department at the University of Arkansas started a project aimed at developing open-source RF middleware to address this latter problem. In this(More)
Data provenance (information about the origin of data items and the transformations that they have gone through) can be a useful security tool, particularly for forensic investigation. Provenance information can also be used to enforce information assurance concepts like integrity and authenticity. The current techniques for finding data source and lineage(More)
Long-term treatment with cromolyn sodium will reduce airway hyperresponsiveness in patients with bronchial asthma. Short-term use of cromolyn sodium (less than 6 weeks) is effective in preventing seasonal increases in allergen-induced hyperresponsiveness. Cromolyn sodium therapy for greater than 12 weeks appears to be beneficial in reducing baseline(More)
We present detailed experimental work involving a commercially available large scale shared memory MIMD paraliel computer having a software controlled cache coherence mechanism. The implementation of a scalable MIMD computer with hardwarecontrolled coherent shared hierarchical memory is indeed a formidable task and has yet to be effectively implemented. We(More)
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