Joseph E Gonzales

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Contention of the ovulatory shift hypothesis is principally supported by failures to replicate previous findings; e.g., recent meta-analytic work suggests that the effects endorsing the hypothesis may not be robust. Some possible limitations in this and other ovulatory-effects research-that may contribute to such controversy arising-are: (a) use of(More)
Renal angiomyolipomas are commonly associated with spontaneous hemorrhage which can be life-threatening and may require radical nephrectomy for control of hemorrhage. Transcatheter embolization was used in 2 cases of spontaneously bleeding angiomyolipomas; permanent control was achieved in 1 case and temporary control in the other. This more conservative(More)
Psychology principally utilizes nomothetic, interindividual approaches to model phenomena of interest. However, it is the case that these approaches do not always capture the processes for each individual in the sample. If the research is focused on individual processes, confining analysis to the idiographic level may be more appropriate. One way to(More)
RATIONALE Harsh, abusive and rejecting behavior by parents toward their adolescents is associated with increased risk of many developmental problems for youth. OBJECTIVE In the present study we address behaviors of co-parents that might help disrupt the hypothesized health risk of harsh parenting. METHOD Data come from a community study of 451 early(More)
This study of 8-16-year-olds was designed to test the hypothesis that reading comprehension impairments are part of the social communication phenotype for many higher-functioning students with autism spectrum disorder (HFASD). Students with HFASD (n = 81) were compared to those with high attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptomatology (ADHD; n =(More)
In this paper, we describe a longitudinal modeling approach for examining multivariate changes and dynamics. This technique is based on latent change scores and is executed using a structural equation modeling framework. We provide an overview of the model, describing desirable features for identifying dynamics among multiple processes. We then illustrate(More)
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