Joseph Di Martino

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In this paper we are presenting a new algorithm for determining the fundamental frequency. The evaluation of pitch is a very difficult problem mainly because of the great variability and irregularity of the speech signals. The algorithm we are presenting is original so far as it relies on the implicit calculation of the autocorrelation of the temporal(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES (1) To prospectively observe and tabulate all perianesthetic complications in young infants undergoing herniorrhaphy with general anesthesia and (2) to identify all major postnatal complications and determine which, if any, might be significant risk factors for perianesthetic complications. DESIGN Prospective case control study. SETTING(More)
Sinusoidal modeling has been successfully applied to a wide range of audio signal processing problems, such as coding or time and frequency stretching. While many methods have been proposed for the analysis part of the process, it seems that there is some general agreement concerning the synthesis part in the nonoverlapping case: It is very often achieved(More)
We report two cases of healthy infants who were given an IV intubating bolus of a nondepolarizing muscle relaxant (0.1 vecuronium) at the beginning of an inhalational induction of anaesthesia. Shortly after the introduction of low concentrations of gaseous agents, both infants exhibited airway obstruction although inspiratory muscle activity was(More)
In this paper, we propose a simple and fast method for evaluating the pathological voice (esophageal) by applying the continuous speech recognition in a speaker dependent mode, on our own database of the pathological voice, we call FPSD (French Pathological Speech Database). The recognition system used is implemented using the HTK platform, based on HMM/GMM(More)
Time-scale modifications of speech signals, based on frequency-domain techniques, are hampered by two important artifacts which are “phasiness” and “transient smearing”. They correspond to the destruction of the shape of the original signal, i.e. the de-synchronization between the phases of frequency components. This paper describes an algorithm that(More)