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Therapeutic food interventions have reduced mortality in children with severe acute malnutrition (SAM), but incomplete restoration of healthy growth remains a major problem. The relationships between the type of nutritional intervention, the gut microbiota, and therapeutic responses are unclear. In the current study, bacterial species whose proportional(More)
A novel probabilistic upper bound on the entropy of an unknown one-dimensional distribution, given the support of the distribution and a sample from that distribution, is presented. No knowledge beyond the support of the unknown distribution is required. Previous distribution-free bounds on the cumulative distribution function of a random variable given a(More)
Please note: The mention of trade names or commercial products does not constitute endorsement or recommendation for use by the County of San Diego. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS While this document was prepared by Staff of the County of San Diego, the preparation of this handbook would not have been possible without the contribution of many experts from the planning,(More)
This paper was made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under Cooperative Agreement No. GDG-A-00-03-00008-00. The contents are the responsibility of the Academy for Educational Development (AED) through the Educational Quality Improvement Program 2 (EQUIP2) and do not(More)
All rights reserved. Please note that this document is copyrighted and credit must be provided to the authors and source of the document when you quote from it. You must not sell the document or make a profit from reproducing it. Acknowledgments Children, teachers, and parents in low-income countries around the world are the main contributors to this(More)
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