Joseph D Swingle

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The official poverty rate for American children rose during the 1970s and 1980s and fell during the 1990s, but it was still significantly higher in 1999 than in 1969. Since the poverty line is supposed to represent a fixed standard of living, these change in child poverty imply that low-income children’s standard of living was lower in 1999 than in 1969. We(More)
Khan, FL, Lawal, JM, Kapture, DO, Swingle, JD, and Malek, MH. Revisiting the single-visit protocol for determining the electromyographic fatigue threshold. J Strength Cond Res 31(12): 3503-3507, 2017-The electromyographic fatigue threshold (EMGFT) has been shown to demarcate between nonfatiguing and fatiguing exercise workloads. One potential limitation of(More)
inversion is rapidly terminated, resulting in a laser pulse of -50 nsec in duration. The pumping pulse from the dye laser is -2 psec. Emission from the lower-laser level at 4575 A (3ID2 -+ 4’S,) occurs on a time scale too short to accurately measure with the long pumping pulse, but we estimate its lifetime to be on the order of 600 nsec. Collisional(More)
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