Joseph D. Postman

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The US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, National Clonal Germplasm Repository in Corvallis, Oregon, preserves more than 800 accessions of hazelnut (Corylus), including C. avellana cultivars and representatives of 10 other recognized shrub and tree species. Characterization and study of genetic diversity in this collection require(More)
Interspecific hybridization has been considered the major mode of evolution in Pyrus (pear), and thus, the genetic relationships within this genus have not been well documented. Retrotransposons are ubiquitous components of plant genomes and 42.4 % of the pear genome was reported to be long terminal repeat (LTR) retrotransposons, implying that(More)
A novel virus was discovered in a blackcurrant accession (Ribes nigrum L.) at the USDA genebank in Oregon, USA. The genome consists of two positive-sense, single-stranded RNAs with the first encoding a 197 kDa multifunctional protein with methyl transferase, helicase and RNA-dependent RNA polymerase enzymatic motifs. The second molecule encodes two putative(More)
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