Joseph D. Petruccelli

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In the present paper, the authors report the results of the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening (UNHS) project at the University Hospital of Ferrara. A total of 6,759 full-term newborns and a total of 1,016 NICU babies were tested at the University Hospital of Ferrara, from January 2000 to December 2006. The paper presents information from clinically(More)
Results: The data show that the threshold estimates from both devices differ significantly from the measured behavioral thresholds. The ICS device presented significantly larger mean-ASSR estimated hearing level values at the tested frequencies, implying an underestimation of the hearing threshold. Both sets of prediction errors overestimated hearing levels(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the optimal test protocol to screen for hearing problems in newborns, an evaluation of three distortion product otoacoustic emission (DPOAE) protocols was conducted in neonates, from a well-baby nursery (WBN) and from a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and compared to the performance in newborns of a more standard protocol based on(More)
Vocal education programs for teachers may prevent the emergence of vocal disorders; however, only a few studies have tried to evaluate the effectiveness of these preventive programs, particularly in the long term. Two hundred and sixty-four subjects, mostly kindergarten and primary school female teachers, participated in a course on voice care, including a(More)
BACKGROUND The cellular mechanisms leading to noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) involve the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Recent studies on glutathione (GSH) and N-acetylcysteine (NAC) show that they can protect the cochlea from ROS-derived damage, increasing the levels of endogenous cellular defences. The purpose of this study was to verify(More)
In order to improve the quality of current TEOAE recording methodologies, we have conducted a comparison of TEOAE neonatal recordings acquired with linear protocols using click stimuli of 68 dB SPL and non-linear protocols using the ILO default stimulus values. From a theoretical standpoint it was expected that the linear recordings would generate responses(More)
It is believed that atherosclerotic plaque rupture may be related to maximal stress conditions in the plaque. More careful examination of stress distributions in plaques reveals that it may be the local stress/strain behaviors at critical sites such as very thin plaque cap and locations with plaque cap weakness that are more closely related to plaque(More)
BACKGROUND Data from animal studies show that antioxidants can compensate against noise-induced stress and sensory hair cell death. The aim of this study was to evaluate the otoprotection efficacy of various versions of orally administered Acuval 400 against noise damage in a rat animal model. MATERIAL/METHODS Fifty-five Sprague Dawley rats were divided(More)
Within the context of a hospital-based newborn hearing screening program, we have studied the application of two OAE protocols (TEOAE and DPOAE) on a group of 250 well babies. The main goal of this study was to evaluate the performance of DPOAE protocol in a relatively large population sample. using a preset number of five tested frequencies, in comparison(More)