Joseph D. O'Sullivan

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The Fourier inversion method for reconstruction of images in computerized tomography has not been widely used owing to the perceived difficulty of interpolating from polar or other measurement grids to the Cartesian grid required for fast numerical Fourier inversion. Although the Fourier inversion method is recognized as being computationally faster than(More)
Five years ago we reported at AIPR on a nascent project to archive images from every webcam in the world and to develop algorithms to geo-locate, calibrate, and annotate this data. This archive of many outdoor scenes (AMOS) has now grown to include 28000 live outdoor cameras and over 630 million images. This is actively being used in projects ranging from(More)
The vast amount of public photographic data posted and shared on Facebook, Instragram and other forms of social media offers an unprecedented visual archive of the world. This archive captures events ranging from birthdays, trips, and graduations to lethal conflicts and human rights violations. Because this data is public, it has led to a new genre of(More)
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