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BACKGROUND Blood vessel trauma leading to hemorrhage or ischemia presents a significant cause of morbidity and mortality after battlefield injury. The objective of this study is to characterize the epidemiology of vascular injury in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan, including categorization of anatomic patterns, mechanism, and management of casualties. (More)
BACKGROUND Noncompressible torso hemorrhage is the leading cause of potentially preventable death on the modern battlefield. The objective of this study is to characterize resuscitative aortic balloon occlusion (BO) compared to thoracotomy with aortic clamping in a model of hemorrhagic shock. METHODS A total of 18 swine (3 groups; 6 animals/group) were(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine if calcium hydroxide, mineral trioxide aggregate, or sodium hypochlorite caused a change in the force required to fracture root dentin. Ten bovine central and lateral incisors were machined using various saws and drills to produce a cylinder of dentin with a 6.0-mm outer diameter 3.5-mm inner diameter and a length(More)
This essay considers on what health policy issues the federal government is best able to lead. Positive leadership requires knowledge, power, and will. The federal government has different supplies of each for different aspects of quality of, cost of, and access to health care. Here I review technical capacity to attain desired ends, define the(More)
N2 fixation can be an important source of N to limnetic ecosystems and can influence the structure of phytoplankton communities. However, watershed-scale conditions that favor N2 fixation in lakes and reservoirs have not been well studied. We measured N2 fixation and lacustrine variables monthly over a 19-month period in Waco Reservoir, Texas, USA, and(More)
The large brown, round, strongly scented seeds of Ceratocaryum argenteum (Restionaceae) emit many volatiles found to be present in herbivore dung. These seeds attract dung beetles that roll and bury them. As the seeds are hard and offer no reward to the dung beetles, this is a remarkable example of deception in plant seed dispersal.
Compartment syndrome after extremity vascular injury has gained attention with the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Compartment syndrome after extremity vascular injury is due to the initial ischemic insult and reperfusion injury. Complications from compartment syndrome can be lessened by fasciotomy, which is reviewed in this article.
This study explored using hypnosis for pain and anxiety management in 6 colonoscopy patients (5 men, 1 woman), who received a hypnotic induction and instruction in self-hypnosis on the day of their colonoscopy. Patients' levels of anxiety were obtained before and after the hypnotic induction using Visual Analogue Scales (VAS). Following colonoscopy, VASs(More)