Joseph D. Harrington

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This paper investigates private-interest, public-interest, and politicalinstitutional theories of regulatory change to analyze state-level deregulation of bank branching restrictions. Using a hazard model, we Žnd that interest group factors related to the relative strength of potentialwinners (large banks and small, bank-dependent Žrms) and losers (small(More)
A class of extrasolar giant planets--the so-called 'hot Jupiters' (ref. 1)--orbit within 0.05 au of their primary stars (1 au is the Sun-Earth distance). These planets should be hot and so emit detectable infrared radiation. The planet HD 209458b (refs 3, 4) is an ideal candidate for the detection and characterization of this infrared light because it is(More)
Recent theoretical work has suggested a number of potentially important factors in causing incomplete pass-through of exchange rates to prices, including markup adjustment, local costs and barriers to price adjustment. We empirically analyze the determinants of incomplete passthrough in the coffee industry. The observed pass-through in this industry(More)
We search for an infrared signature of the transiting extrasolar planet HD 209458b during secondary eclipse. Our method, which we call ‘occultation spectroscopy,’ searches for the disappearance and reappearance of weak spectral features due to the exoplanet as it passes behind the star and later reappears. We argue that at the longest infrared wavelengths,(More)
Individual agents endogenously generate internal organizational structures (e.g., local hierarchies and trading regimes). Optimal histories of structural adaptation in dynamic environments are computed and displayed. * The author is a Senior Fellow in Economic Studies and in Governance Studies at The Brookings Institution, a Member of the Brookings-Johns(More)
The pre-cleaning equipment (or wet etch) in semiconductor manufacturing can load more than one dozen lots at one time. Because of the large capacity, the wet etch plays a key role in keeping the line balanced. After the wet etch operation, the wafers go mainly to furnaces, and the remaining goes to dry etch, CVD, photo or back to wet etch. If the wet etch(More)
We report detection of strong infrared thermal emission from the nearby (d 1⁄4 19 pc) transiting extrasolar planet HD 189733b by measuring the flux decrement during its prominent secondary eclipse. A 6 hr photometric sequence using Spitzer’s infrared spectrograph in peak-up imaging mode at 16 m shows the secondary eclipse depth to be 0:551% 0:030%, with(More)