Joseph D Dracobly

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We evaluated interrater agreement across multiple respondents on anecdotal assessments and compared cases in which agreement was obtained with outcomes of functional analyses. Experiment 1 evaluated agreement among multiple respondents on the function of problem behavior for 27 individuals across 42 target behaviors using the Motivation Assessment Scale(More)
Response variability is sensitive to antecedent and consequent manipulations. Researchers have investigated inducement, direct production through reinforcement, and stimulus control of response variability. Recently, researchers have shown that lag reinforcement schedules reliably increase variability but may also produce higher-order stereotypy. There has(More)
The previous issue of The Behavior Analyst contained an article by Critchfield (2011), entitled ‘‘Interesting Times: Practice, Science, and Professional Associations in Behavior Analysis,’’ about a rift between the field’s scientists and practitioners. Critchfield observed that the science and practice of behavior analysis are subject to different(More)
This multiple-study experiment evaluated the utility of assessing and treating severe self-injurious behavior SIB based on the outcomes of a functional analysis of precursor behavior. In Study 1, a precursor to SIB was identified using descriptive assessment and conditional probability analyses. In Study 2, a functional analysis of precursor behavior was(More)
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