Joseph D'Alessandro

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This paper augments Boehm-Turner's model of agile and plan-based software development augmented with an AI search algorithm. The AI search finds the key factors that predict for the success of agile or traditional plan-based software developments. According to our simulations and AI search algorithm: (1) in no case did agile methods perform worse than(More)
As the digital world expands the building of trust and the retention of privacy in information sharing becomes paramount. The impediment to information sharing is a lack of trust between the parties, based on security and privacy concerns, as well as information asymmetry. In an effort to foster trusted information sharing we propose a trusted enclave with(More)
The increased threat of legal sanctions or fines for failure to comply with laws and regulations make it imperative that auditors assess the level of compliance with information sharing policies and regulations in a timely manner. Embedding a monitoring mechanism, such as our Continuous Compliance Assurance (CCA) module, into a technology solution for(More)
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