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Piety and Politics: Islamism in Contemporary Malaysia
Chapter One: Genesis of an Islamist Agenda Chapter Two: The Malaysian State and the Bureaucratization of Islam Chapter Three: Reconstructing and Reinforcing Islamism Chapter Four: "Popular" PoliticalExpand
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The Politics of Indonesia-Malaysia Relations: One Kin, Two Nations
Preface Acknowledgements List of Abbreviations Glossary Introduction Part 1 1. Kinship and Nationalism in International Relations 2. Kinship and Indo-Malay Historiography 3. A Tale of TwoExpand
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No Man’s Land: Globalization, Territory, and Clandestine Groups in Southeast Asia
The study of conflict and political violence in Southeast Asia has grown into a cottage industry over the last decade. Particular interest has fallen on terrorist and extremist groups and theExpand
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No God But God
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Malaysia's Illegal Indonesian Migrant Labour Problem: In Search of Solutions
The long-term, undocumented migration flow of Indonesians into Malaysia is arguably the second largest flow of illegal immigrants after the movements across the U.S.-Mexico border. The issue of theExpand
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The Politics behind Malaysia's Eleventh General Election
The results of Malaysia9s eleventh general election held in March 2004 proved to be a resounding success for the Abdullah Badawi administration. Nevertheless, the politics surrounding the electionExpand
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Political Islam in Malaysia: problematising discourse and practice in the UMNO–PAS ‘Islamisation race’
The politicisation of Islam has become a key feature of the Malaysian political terrain, and finds dominant expression in the so-called ‘Islamisation race’ between UMNO and PAS. This article analysesExpand
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Malaysia's March 2008 general election: understanding the new media factor
Abstract The Malaysian general elections held on 8 March 2008 proved to be a historic event. For the first time, the political opposition managed to deny the incumbent National Front coalition aExpand
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The Security Situation in Southern Thailand: Toward an Understanding of Domestic and International Dimensions
The spat of recent violence in Southern Thailand has drawn international attention once again to the political and security situation in the Malay-Muslim provinces of Thailand's restive SouthernExpand
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