Joseph Chee Chang

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Crowdsourced clustering approaches present a promising way to harness deep semantic knowledge for clustering complex information. However, existing approaches have difficulties supporting the global context needed for workers to generate meaningful categories, and are costly because all items require human judgments. We introduce Alloy, a hybrid approach(More)
AIM To perform a blind study to assess the capability of the Ion Personal Genome Machine® (PGM™) system to sequence forensically relevant genetic marker panels and to characterize unknown individuals for ancestry and possible relatedness. METHODS Twelve genomic samples were provided by a third party for blinded genetic analysis. For these 12 samples, the(More)
Mixed language data is one of the difficult yet less explored domains of natural language processing. Most research in fields like machine translation or sentiment analysis assume monolingual input. However, people who are capable of using more than one language often communicate using multiple languages at the same time. Sociolinguists believe this "(More)
OBJECTIVE Fluoxetine, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor antidepressant agent, has been implicated in learning and memory. Here, we report four cases from the same family of fluoxetine-related memory-impairment. RESULTS Memory-impairment resulted after fluoxetine treatment and disappeared after changing to another selective serotonin reuptake(More)
Whole mitochondrial (mt) genome analysis enables a considerable increase in analysis throughput, and improves the discriminatory power to the maximum possible phylogenetic resolution. Most established protocols on the different massively parallel sequencing (MPS) platforms, however, invariably involve the PCR amplification of large fragments, typically(More)
A graph with a vertex set V is said to have a prime labeling if its vertices can be labeled with distinct integers 1; 2; ; jV j such that for every edge fx; yg, the labels assigned to x and y are relatively prime. A tree is prime if it has at least one prime labeling. Around 1980, Entringer conjectured that every tree is prime. After three decades, this(More)
Patients researching medical diagnoses, scientist exploring new fields of literature, and students learning about new domains are all faced with the challenge of capturing information they find for later use. However, saving information is challenging on mobile devices, where the small screen and font sizes combined with the inaccuracy of finger based touch(More)