Joseph Carlyle Stone

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It has been suggested that tailoring self-help materials for specific target populations will increase their effectiveness. This study tested the value of a self-help guide tailored specifically for women with young children. These women were recruited through a media campaign that encouraged smokers to call the Cancer Information Service (CIS) for(More)
The role of advanced visual information in ball catching was investigated by integrating video images of action and ball projection technology in four different conditions: Integrated video and ball projection (VBP), Video-Only (VO), Ball Projection-Only (BPO) and Misleading Ball projection (MBP). Hand kinematics and gaze behaviour data were collected from(More)
Evaluating the impact of written materials is a means to enhance the effectiveness of patient education, yet few controlled studies of publications have been completed. In 1984, as a result of a needs assessment, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) developed and pretested the booklet "What Are Clinical Trials All About?" The booklet was designed to help(More)
In recent years, several papers reported an enhanced dielectric anisotropy when ferroelectric particles were suspended in a liquid crystal. These results seem to be sensitive to the liquid crystal used and the preparation method of the ferroelectric particles. In this paper, we compare different preparation methods of suspended barium titanate in two(More)
Access Grid (AG) is an Internet2-driven, high performance audio-visual conferencing technology used worldwide by academic and government organisations to enhance communication, human interaction and group collaboration. AG technology is particularly promising for improving academic multi-centre research collaborations. This manuscript describes how the AG(More)