Joseph C. Park

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The typical training scenario for an artificial neural network involves minimization of a cost-function in terms of the network output variables. Alternatively, the minimization may be done on the basis of the probability distributions of the network output, specifically, in terms of an informa-tional entropy. A large class of such entropy based(More)
Conventionally, squa re error (SE) and/or relative ent ropy (RE) erro r functions defined over a training set are adop ted towa rds optimization of gradient descent learnings in neur al networks. As an alte rnative, a set of divergence (or dist an ce) measur es can be specified in t he inform ation-th eoreti c plan e that funct iona lly have pr agmatic valu(More)
Learning in reference to the real neur al complex depicts pro gressive modifications occurring at t he synaptic levels of th e interconnected neurons. The pr esence of int raneural dist urb ances (inherently present) or any ext raneural noise in t he input data or in t he teacher values may affect such synaptic modi ficat ions as specified by t he set of(More)
The application of cross-entropy information processing optimizations to artificial neural network (ANN) training can provide decreased sensitivity to accelerated learning rates as well as insights into the information processing structure of the network. In order to assess the cross-entropy between the desired training goal and the evolving state of(More)
The Internet consists of millions of interconnected network nodes comprising a complex system utilized for information storage, processing, and transmission. It is demonstrated that the temporal evolution of transmission times for an information packet transmitted between two stable endpoints across the global network constitutes the chaotic time series of(More)
Dr. Joseph Park has a broad spectrum of funded research, operational, and pedagogical experience centered on oceanography, acoustics and ocean engineering. He serves as a scientist at the South Florida Natural Resources Center of Everglades National Park, and CEO of the Software Literacy Foundation, a tax-exempt public charity who's mission is to educate(More)
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