Joseph C. Okika

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Contracts specify properties of an interface to a software component. We consider the problem of defining a full contract that specifies not only the normal behaviour, but also special cases and tolerated exceptions. In this paper we focus on the behavioural properties of use cases taken from the Common Component Modelling Example (CoCoME), proposed as a(More)
There are numerous existing notations and standards in the Web service community. These may be grouped broadly into three competing families, namely; Web services, semantic Web, and electronic business. Although the families are competing, we expect that applications will cut across them and there is a need to map from one to another and to analyze(More)
We describe a prototype test harness for an embedded system which is the control software for a modern marine diesel engine. The operations of such control software requires complete certification. We adopt Testing and Test Control Notation (TTCN-3) to define test cases for this purpose. The main challenge in developing the test harness is to interface a(More)
This chapter presents a formalization of functional and behavioural requirements, and a refinement of requirements to a design for CoCoME using the Relational Calculus of Object and Component Systems (rCOS). We give a model of requirements based on an abstraction of the use cases described in Chapter 3.2. Then the refinement calculus of rCOS is used to(More)
Web services should be dependable, because businesses rely on them. For that purpose the Service Oriented Architecture has standardized specifications at a syntactical level. In this paper, we demonstrate how such specifications are used to derive semantic models in the form of (timed) automata. These can be used to model check functional and behavioural(More)
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