Joseph C. Klink

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A computer programme for the automatic analysis of the sleep EEG and EMG is presented. An EEG parameter is derived which is based on the joint frequency-amplitude distribution of the EEG activity. This newly developed parameter stresses the dynamic development of sleep, composed of alternating phases of EEG synchronization and desynchronization. While(More)
Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are associated with cancer progression, aggressiveness and metastasis. However, the frequency and predictive value of CTCs in patients remains unknown. If circulating cells are involved in tumor aggressiveness and metastasis, then cell levels should decline upon tumor removal in localized cancer patients, but remain high in(More)
High-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (HGPIN) has been established as a precursor to prostatic adenocarcinoma. HGPIN shares many morphological, genetic, and molecular signatures with prostate cancer. Its predictive value for the development of future adenocarcinoma during the prostate-specific antigen screening era has decreased, mostly owing to(More)
  • Cody L Knutson, K Stahl, K Collins, J Hannaford, M Acreman, M Svoboda +29 others
  • 2016
Essential functions: Serve as the NDMC's Planning and Social Science Program Leader supervising staff and graduate students, leading research and service activities, and teaching periodically. Activities include research on drought impacts, management strategies, and stakeholder information needs; facilitating the development of decision support tools using(More)
To study the effects of enhanced smooth muscle cell (SMC) proliferation on arterial vessel geometry in the absence of vessel trauma, we developed a transgenic mouse model expressing SV40 large T antigen under control of the 2.3 kb smooth muscle-myosin heavy chain promoter. Transgenic mice studied at ages from 3-13 weeks showed a 3.2-fold increase in(More)
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