Joseph C. H. Park

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The traditional LALR analysis is reexamined using a new operator and an associated graph. An improved method that allows factoring out a crucial part of the computation for defining states of LR(0) canonical collection and for computing LALR(1) lookahead sets is presented. This factorization leads to significantly improved algorithms with respect to(More)
We have read with more than a passing interest a recent paper by Fred Ives [ 1 ] dealing with algorithms for computing LALR(I) lookahead sets. In the paper a claim is made that our algorithm published earlier in Park et al.[2] has been improved. One purpose of this note is to raise questions about this claim. After trivial changes in notation, such as(More)
Magnetic nanoclusters (MNCs) are agglomerated individual magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) that show great promise in increasing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sensitivity. Here, we report an effective strategy to engineer MNCs based on double-ligand modulation to enhance MRI sensitivity. The oleic acid-coated individual MNPs self-assembled and then were(More)
Spectral analysis techniques are adapted and applied to hydrologic, oceanographic, and meteorologic data to characterize Floridan Aquifer transport metrics along the southeast coast of Florida. Three hydro-logic analytical models are applied based on ocean tidal forcing to aquifer well response. None of the three models produced results consistent with the(More)
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