Joseph C. Aub

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By far the largest part of the calcium in the body takes part ~in making up the skeletal structure. Metabolism studies have shown that there are many factors which add or subtract from the body's supply of calcium. Thus pregnancy, lactation, a low calcium intake, ingestion of acids, administration of parathormone I and many other influences serve to(More)
1. Bone trabeculae are easily depleted by the prolonged administration of parathormone, long continued negative calcium balance and growth. 2. A long continued high calcium diet results in a rapid accumulation of the trabeculae. 3. Alizarin red, as has previously been shown in the literature, is deposited in newly formed bone. Its use has made clear that(More)
Steroid hormones and castration have been suc cessfully employed in the palliative treatment of advanced mammary cancer (3, 8, 9,12,16,17, 24, 29-31, 35).* Complications may arise during this therapy, however, which necessitate special con sideration; one of the more serious of these is hypercalcemia. The progressive advanced stages of the syndrome are(More)