Joseph Butch Rovan

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In this paper we outline the fundamentals for a tactile feedback system to be used in conjunction with openair computer music performance devices. Some underlying physiological and perceptual mechanisms of haptics are examined, some currently available open-air controllers are reviewed, and previous technologies and experiments regarding haptic/tactile(More)
Expressivity Determinants in Computer Music Performance Joseph Butch Rovan, Marcelo M. Wanderley, Shlomo Dubnov and Philippe Depalle Analysis-Synthesis Team/Real-Time Systems Group IRCAM France frovan, wanderle, dubnov, Abstract This paper presents ongoing work on gesture mapping strategies and applications to sound synthesis by signal models(More)
In this paper we present jMax, the new editing and control system for Ircam's real-time musical applications. More than a simple evolution of MAX, jMax is a completely new and extensible environment. The components of the architecture will be presented, as well as its application framework.
In this paper we demonstrate the use of jMax, the new editing and control system for Ircam’s real-time musical applications. We detail its architecture, and present in application the different components of the system, including the scripting and control panel building facilities. Finally, we demonstrate some musical applications. 1 Introduction jMax is(More)
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