Joseph Brent Kuzmiski

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PURPOSE Cholinergic-dependent plateau potentials (PPs) are intrinsically generated conductances that can elicit ictal-type seizure activity. The aim of this study was to investigate the actions of topiramate (TPM) on the generation of PPs. METHODS We used whole-cell patch-clamp recordings from CA1 pyramidal neurons in rat hippocampal slices to examine the(More)
Plateau potentials are prolonged membrane depolarizations that are observed in hippocampal pyramidal neurons when spiking and Ca(2+) entry occur in combination with muscarinic receptor activation. In this study, we used whole-cell voltage clamping to study the current underlying the plateau potential and to determine the cellular signaling pathways(More)
The capacity to appropriately respond to physiological challenges or perturbations in homeostasis is a requisite for survival. It is becoming increasingly clear that long-lasting alterations in synaptic efficacy are a fundamental mechanism for modifying neuroendocrine and autonomic output. We review recent advances in our understanding of plasticity at(More)
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