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The ITRS Technology Roadmap recent revision has shown again an acceleration of the Very Deep Submicron process availability with design capabilities forecasted in hundred millions of gates per square centimeter in 2010. This will again raise the question on how to cope with such complexities and functionalities (AD ,HW-SW, MEMS…) in EDA solutions. In this(More)
CAD has always been hardly understood by the CEO's of companies because it obeys rules (if any) very different from the process. A rich variety of CAD and TCAD solutions have been developed in Europe in the early days of the CAD industry. These solutions have come to introduce real innovations in the field, but because they were mostly internal to the(More)
Design automation in EUROPE needs to be revitalized through a more cooperative approach of problems and solutions. MEDEA has been instrumental in bringing cooperation between process and applications and showing weaknesses of design automation solutions with present players. A new burgeoning eclosion of start up's in strategic areas shows good promises in(More)
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