Joseph Blankson

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Clinical and pathological features of the nephrotic syndrome were studied in 36 adults and 25 children in Ghana. No evidence was found to implicate Plasmodium malariae as a cause and in the majority of patients the aetiology was not identified. Minimal change glomerulonephritis responsive to steroids was demonstrated in 14/25 children and 5/36 adults which(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify problems in managing asthmatic children in school, which if dealt with would help reduce absenteeism and improve participation in school activities. DESIGN A survey by questionnaire to headteachers. SETTING Schools in Merthyr and Rhondda Cynon Taff, South Wales. SUBJECT Asthmatic schoolchildren in areas studied. MAIN OUTCOME(More)
The Mamprobi Survey is a cardiovascular disease prevalence sample survey in an African community in Ghana. This preliminary paper describes its methodology and validity. Response rate corrected for migration from the area was 73%. Subsequent sampling of non-respondents revealed only trivial reasons for non-attendance and only minor differences in health(More)
In a medical survey of an urban population in Ghana, abnormal cardiovascular findings were present in 25% of the population aged from 15 to 64 years. This was largely due to hypertension and to cardiomegaly of obscure origin. The prevalence of valvular heart disease was comparatively low. Abnormal cardiovascular findings were commonest in the lowest third(More)
In addition to possessing content knowledge required to teach students, today’s teachers must be well equipped with appropriate technology skills and tools to guide and support student learning. The identification of this need has led teacher education programs to mandate all preservice teachers to enroll in technology courses as part of their teacher(More)
An analysis of 249 cases of neontal tetanus admitted to Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra, between January 1971 and December 1974, has been presented. The overall case fatality was 64%. The unfavourable mortality trend over the period of study calls for urgent preventive measures on a largescale, to control the disease.
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