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BACKGROUND Nuts have been shown to have beneficial effects on human health due to the healthy fat content; however, the effect of antioxidants (i.e. polyphenols) in nuts have not been fully investigated. The present study aimed to assess the immediate effect of a polyphenol-rich meal (75% of energy from nuts: walnuts or almonds) and a polyphenol-free meal(More)
To investigate the relationship between unilateral hip dislocation or subluxation and scoliosis, the records were examined of 31 patients aged 10 to 26 years with myelomeningocele and an initial neurosegmental level of L3 or L4. 11 patients had deteriorated neurologically over time; the remainder had stable neurological examinations, with an average(More)
Belhassen tachycardia is the most common idiopathic ventricular tachycardia arising from the left ventricle, classically characterized by a right bundle branch block and left axis deviation. Vigilance for Belhassen tachycardia is essential as intravenous verapamil has proven to be highly efficacious for treating symptomatic patients with this underlying(More)
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