Joseph B. Mazzola

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This paper presents exact and heuristic solution procedures for a multiproduct capacitated facility location (MPCFL) problem in which the demand for a number of di€erent product families must be supplied from a set of facility sites, and each site o€ers a choice of facility types exhibiting di€erent capacities. MPCFL generalizes both the uncapacitated (or(More)
To assess the relationships among self-report craving questionnaires, and between craving and alcohol consumption, we administered four previously published measures of craving (Alcohol Urge Questionnaire, Obsessive-Compulsive Drinking Scale, Penn Alcohol Craving Scale, Temptation-Restraint Inventory), five single-item Visual Analog Scales (need, urge,(More)
This paper presents a tabu-search heuristic for the flexible-resource flow shop scheduling (FRFS) problem [7]. The FRFS problem generalizes the classic flow shop scheduling problem by allowing job-operation processing times to depend on the amount of resource assigned to an operation; the objective is to determine simultaneously the job sequence,(More)