Joseph B. Landwehr

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OBJECTIVE The objectives were to determine the neonatal morbidity rate from vaginal birth and examine fetal weight-based injury-prevention strategies. STUDY DESIGN Selected neonatal morbidities were categorized by birth weight for all vertex vaginal deliveries occurring during a 12-year period. Sensitivity, specificity, and predictive values for brachial(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess pregnancy outcome in women with ventriculoperitoneal or lumboperitoneal shunts. METHODS Charts were reviewed retrospectively for mothers with ventriculoperitoneal or lumboperitoneal shunts delivered at Hutzel Hospital from 1976-1992. Patients were identified by cross-referencing medical records from Children's Hospital Neurosurgical(More)
OBJECTIVE Our aim was to determine the performance and clinical feasibility of telesonography for the interpretation of fetal anatomic scans sent from a remote location compared with those obtained at a tertiary care prenatal ultrasonography center. STUDY DESIGN Routine ultrasonographic studies from 35 patients were remotely interpreted. Evaluation(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to examine the success rate of labor induction in patients with severe pre-eclampsia delivered at < or = 34 weeks' gestation; to identify factors associated with its success; and to evaluate neonatal outcomes based on induction success or failure. METHODS We identified pregnancies complicated by severe pre-eclampsia(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the risk of aneuploidy in cases of isolated choroid plexus cysts (CPCs) and to compare the risk when associated with minor or major anomalies. METHODS All fetuses with CPCs and known karyotype were identified. CPCs were categorized as 'isolated' or associated with minor or major sonographic anomalies. Preexisting risk factors for(More)
OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to determine the specific likelihood of different aneuploidies by gestational age in patients with nuchal folds and simple and septated nuchal membranes. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective database analysis was performed of 158 consecutive patients with a nuchal fold or simple or septated nuchal membrane on either abdominal or vaginal(More)
OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to determine whether midtrimester fetal ultrasonographic morphometric percentile rankings are sensitive screening tests for preterm labor or birth weight abnormalities. STUDY DESIGN Stepwise multiple regression and chi 2 analysis were used to identify midtrimester fetal measurements predicting birth weight and gestational age.(More)
phrase structure language. Comput. J. 3 (Oct. 1960). 22. , aND ~ . A general translation program for phrase structure languages. J. ACM 9 (Jan. 1962), 1. 23. . Trees and routines. Comput. J. 5, 1 (Apr. 1962). 24. Lr:DLEY, R., AND Wn~SON, J. Automatic-programming language translation through syntactic analysis. Comm. ACM 5 (Mar. 62), 145. 25. ROBINSON, J.(More)
Imagine that you are asked to evaluate a candidate for a job as a programmer. The applicant appears to be extremely intelligent. He has shown himself to be very inventive. He seems to have a number of outstanding capabilities which point to him as an especially gifted programmer. There is no question but that he is highly motivated to do well in his(More)
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