Joseph B. Alpers

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Adenosine diphosphate was found to be a powerful competitive inhibitor of 5’nucleotidase partially purified from rat heart, with a greater apparent affinity for the enzyme than ATP. The inhibition imposed by either nucleotide was not relieved by a number of metabolic intermediates known to accumulate in the hypoxic heart. The enzyme required divalent(More)
1. D-Glucose or D-galactose in low concentration promptly rendered the glycogen synthetase of growing HeLa cells more dependent on D-gk.ICOSe 6-phosphate. 2. An essentially inverse relationship obtained between the glucose-6-phosphate-independent fraction of the enzyme and the cellular concentration of glycogen. Some exceptions noted to this general case(More)
Phosphofructokinase (EC is subject to inactivation (at pH values below 6) and reactivation (at alkaline pH) to forms that correspond, respectively, to immature and mature conformational states. ATP is one of several ligands that facilitate the reactivation process, which we have termed preconditioning (1, 2). Evidence is presented that the role of(More)